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Don’t just run with type 1. Race!

Igor Stevic is a US-based type 1 who doesn’t just run ultramarathons, he runs them fast.

His blog is called Life is short… Running makes it seem longer… and as luck would have it, just as I’ve set up Type 1 Ultra on Facebook (please drop by) Igor has gone and run a smacking time at a 50-miler (80km) road race in the US and shared his post with us.

His approach to management on the run is quite different to my own (RH) as I pump and turn down, whereas he uses slow acting insulin and doesn’t reduce his dosage. The detail with which he talks about his management on the run gives a really good guide for anybody wanting to better understand his approach and perhaps consider what it might offer them, and whether they might modify it or copy it directly.

One final note to Australian and New Zealand type 1s reading race reports from the US. The glucose measurement system used by Americans is in a different unit to how we measure blood sugar, and the ratio is 18:1. If an American says that their blood sugar is 90, that is what we would refer to as 5.0. Otherwise Igor would be in a coma rather than perfectly controlled, so don’t get confused  🙂

To read about Igor’s run, please continue here

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