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100km to go to halfway: Octember’s first 100km race report

As you’d have seen from this post just over a week ago, I’m launching my diabetic self headlong into a serious challenge of personal endurance. In 20 minutes I’ll race out of the house to get a last bit of bodywork on my calves before the weekend. It seems that they are already copping the brunt of things, as I may have got a bit eager to hit a certain time goal 60km into last weekend’s 100km on the Hume and Hovell track near Wagga Wagga.

So, I have just posted my race report on the first of 4 running challenges for the month. 2 down, 2 to go, 1 still to write up, and 2 still to run.

Bring. It. On.


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Running 4 ultramarathons within 1 month with type 1 diabetes

Hi, this is Roger. The aim of Type1Ultra is to bring you a variety of information and news relating to type 1 diabetes in endurance sports and especially ultramarathon. Advertising is not the aim, and once I have a few tasks out of the way the aim will be to feature some of the other type 1s out there doing extreme things.

However, I’ve just put this clip together explaining what I am doing in the next month. Saying that you’re going to do something and actually getting it done are two very, very different things – so let’s see how this goes. Hoka OneOne has been an essential part of my running and this was cut together to feature on the Hoka OneOne blog. Sorry for corrupting the purity of cyberspace with any kind of commercial message, but if you can ignore the highly advanced subliminal marketing techniques, you’ll hear from a Type 1 who’s discovering the joy of launching himself into adventures whose outcomes are uncertain.

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“Metabolically active muscle” is healthier muscle.

Whether you’re feeling sorry for yourself over a new or longstanding diagnosis of type 1, or you’re working with MISINFORMED health professionals who think type 1 diabetes is a good reason to take it easy, it’s up to you to get active. It’s the only way that you will ever get on top of your condition, beating your blood sugars, the blues, and have any real prospect of long term health being your friend.

The only thing more annoying than hearing that type 1s have been told that they can’t do endurance sports by people who should know better is, of course, people who talk about type 1 as though it is almost exactly the same as type 2. It’s not! Just saw this interesting news report, though, of a new drug called SR9009 producing remarkable endurance responses in metabolically damaged mice. Read the rest of this entry »

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