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Training tips for diabetic runners, from Missy Foy.


Missy Foy going fast in 2001

Missy Foy is the gold standard for endurance runners with type 1 diabetes. She was the first type 1 to qualify for Olympic Marathon trials and in 2005 she ranked top 10 in the world for 50 miles (80km). Earlier in the year when I was preparing for HypoActive’s AcT1vate conference in Victoria, I asked Missy for some tips to pass on to Type 1s wanting to run endurance. One of the main reasons I asked her was that she was my most important source of advice and inspiration in initially taking on the marathon myself, post-diagnosis. (RH)

Her advice is well worth reposting here. Hopefully some of the attendees at tonight’s presentation on Overcoming the Challenges of Type 1 will integrate some of these into their own management strategies.

Missy Foy’s tips for T1s training running and endurance

1. always carry carbs with you when training,

2. to add mileage to your long runs, pick a short loop or out-and-back so you can put all your stuff like meter in one place and monitor how you’re doing,

3. realize that cardio-vascular fitness occurs faster than building muscle strength and if you don’t let the muscles catch up you’ll get injured, just because the distance “feels” easier doesn’t mean you’re ready for it yet,


4. don’t always assume that every problem is because of diabetes, all distance runners get injuries and have problems with their training.

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  1. patrick manning says:

    I am trying to get connected with Type 1 diabetics that are running 1/2 and full marathons. In the early 80s, I ran 12 marathons with a best of 2:47:50 which qualified me for Boston. At the time I was having trouble finding any endocrinologist that understood or could answer questions and would support my 65-80 mile training. 28 years later I am in training again at age 64 and think 3:35 – 3:40 is possible with 3:30 being a stretch. I am feeling good and know that everyday could be my last day if I miss step on the way. I want to go sub 1:45 in late Nov. and again a qualifying time in Jan. Are there others out there that want to talk and share their experiences and support. Thanks.

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