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Thursday October 17 – Evening of Awesome with Duncan Read, Glenn & Heather Singleman

If you haven’t already read Duncan Read’s epic race report from the Big Red Run, check it out here. It’s a brilliant lesson for anybody who thinks that type 1 diabetics should be wrapped in cotton wool and kept away from the sharp corners of life.

Even if you were at Big Red Run, you might not have realised that one of the doctors, Glenn Singleman, is half of the husband & wife team that holds the world record for the highest joint base jump. Glenn is LOVELY!

Glenn, Heather, and Duncan are talking in support of a fundraiser for cancers affecting women, on the evening of Thursday October 17 at 6:30pm in Surry Hills. Tickets are $35 and I expect the speakers will be excellent.

It’s also refreshing to see people living with type 1 not feeling compelled to do charity work only for type 1 related causes. The message of living without limitations is a universal one. Go, Duncan!  🙂



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