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My Big Red Run Race Report

My Big Red Run Race Report

Type1Ultra articles and links are meant to be more diabetes-focused than just normal race reports or running/endurance information. But I wrote this latest piece for The Blister, a major running club’s magazine, so it’s more general news. Hope you enjoy it anyway! Big Red Run was certainly diabetes-focuse so that more than averages it out I reckon  🙂 

I’ll have a writeup here soon of our 190km fastpack/powermarch/trailrun from Bendigo to Ballarat. My Accu-Chek Mobile glucose meter failed me disappointingly early on the second day with about 100km still to go, which definitely could have been a critical problem if a nurse 40km later hadn’t been a quick thinker and a genuine help, lending me an Optium Xceed for the remainder of the run.

I am not going to brand bash here. The Mobile is an incredibly convenient unit to use. It would be nice if it was smaller and lighter, but no other BGL meter that I know of comes as an all-in-one package which is so ideal for sports on the go. Different versions of the same unit have done a great job for me in Sahara, Atacama, Antarctica, the Simpson Desert, and the Gobi – even after dropping from height onto a hard floor. But if a company is going to price disposable cartridges at $30 each, the cartridges better work. Just saying.

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